From my writing, I hear a lot of the same responses;
“I hope you can learn to love yourself,” “I hope you can one day be comfortable”
“I hope one day you can conquer your fears”,
A lot of responses along those lines..

While I do appreciate every single one of the comments as if feels as if my readers on all social medias I use for my writing, truly do care more than just the words I write. I have one thing special to say to those people who say that,
That being : I hope so too. I hope I can one day learn, but learning is the process of life. If you learn everything you possibly can, what is the point from there on out?
In my mind, if I learned everything I possibly could, such as being comfortable and loving myself, facing my fears, I truly think I would just be bored..
As much as I would love to get past my flaws and mental health issues,
I don’t think its a fault at all.
More so just an experience everyone must go through. Maybe yours are different, maybe you can’t get past your fear of flying, or you are scared of an upcoming exam.. It’s all part of life, but one day, you get through it.

Overall, I appreciate seeing that people care beyond more than the stories I produce, and for that, I say thank you, but I think I’ll keep on trying to learn through, but not wear myself out by doing so.


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Misfortune But Perseverance.
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