So beyond excited to share this with everyone,
I got my first ever logo created by an amazing artist, Katryna Crowley, who worked with me very well, and went above and beyond my expectations.

Truly amazing work, and if anyone ever needs anything done, feel free to contact Katryna via Facebook / Email!

Here’s the logo!
Unspoken Poetic LOGO

Beyond amazing!

Once again,
Thank you Katryna, as you are helping me further my journey as a writer!

Katryna Contact
Email: KatrynaCArt@gmail.com
Instagram: @Artof.KatC


With that,
Here is also a little update..

Puzzling around with my second book idea.. Started dropping down some dialogue and really trying to figure out what I want to come from this book.  It won’t be my usual poetry, but some poetry will be tied in of course.. trying to figure out if I prefer it to be “Me” or a “Character” — but of course, in my sense of experiences, telling ‘my’ story..

I guess time shall tell.

Don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow!
Yes, Yes, Yes!

As always,
Unspoken Poetic


Contact me!
Hit that little nifty ‘Contact’ tab on my blog!

Til next time!


A dream is nothing but an unplanned thought, A thought is nothing but an unplanned dream. Work towards it, achieve it, be it.”


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