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As I light my last cigarette,
Watching the ashes burn out,
I can’t help but recall,
That time I didn’t answer your call.
A risk, leaving me falling apart.
I could have saved it all,
Your broken heart,
Mend all your scars.
I took my lighter,
I started my car,
I broke my promise,
As I drove too far.

I’m sorry for the sudden goodbye,
As I say my last rhyme,
I’ll remember you always,
Maybe in time,
We’ll learn to fly.


Yours always,

“To that special someone, you know who you are.”

Author Interview!

For the first time, I have participated in my first ever interview as an author.
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Thank you, Fiona Mcvie for this opportunity.
Was happy to be able to share my story, and my creative aspect to writing!

As always,

“Continue fighting for your dream, even the smallest thought, can release your rightful happiness. Don’t give up the fight.”




I am human,
As are you.
We rise together,
We fall together.
As citizens of our country,
We are born with our rights.
Ones that we take dear to heart.
Every election day,
There are people terrified,
Scared the next day they won’t be able to express themselves.
A right every single human deserves,
Regardless of who they are, and what they want.

Stand and rise together.
Loss and fall together.

“We all have a right to be ourselves, and a right to express our opinion. Unless your opinion is in harms way against another humans freedom. Your opinion is valid.”


As always,
Unspoken Poetic



So beyond excited to share this with everyone,
I got my first ever logo created by an amazing artist, Katryna Crowley, who worked with me very well, and went above and beyond my expectations.

Truly amazing work, and if anyone ever needs anything done, feel free to contact Katryna via Facebook / Email!

Here’s the logo!
Unspoken Poetic LOGO

Beyond amazing!

Once again,
Thank you Katryna, as you are helping me further my journey as a writer!

Katryna Contact
Instagram: @Artof.KatC


With that,
Here is also a little update..

Puzzling around with my second book idea.. Started dropping down some dialogue and really trying to figure out what I want to come from this book.  It won’t be my usual poetry, but some poetry will be tied in of course.. trying to figure out if I prefer it to be “Me” or a “Character” — but of course, in my sense of experiences, telling ‘my’ story..

I guess time shall tell.

Don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow!
Yes, Yes, Yes!

As always,
Unspoken Poetic


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A dream is nothing but an unplanned thought, A thought is nothing but an unplanned dream. Work towards it, achieve it, be it.”